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Where Friends Gather: A Collection of Recipes from the Peppercorn Pantry

Mary Meyer grew up in rural Iowa, happily cooking for family and friends. As her love for food eventually led her to run Iowas popular tearoom, the Peppercorn Pantry, Meyer discovered that her true joy is providing a place for people to gather for fellowship and comforting food. 

Within a collection of delectable recipes that are often served at the tearoom, Meyer shares a glimpse into her world of bringing others joy through the art of cooking. Sprinkled throughout recipes that include beef crostini, maple muffins, cinnamon coffeecake, chicken tortilla soup, crab Louie, broccoli grape salad, scalloped corn, salmon with creamy lemon dill sauce, and black Russian bundt cake, Meyer includes personal anecdotes and photographs that offer a heartwarming taste of her family and background. 

Where Friends Gather shares simple recipes from the owner of a favorite Iowa tearoom that encourages a gathering of family and friends around a table to share home-cooked meals.