about us

Mary Meyer is the owner of the Peppercorn Pantry.  After her family moved to Aplington when she was a child, Mary has made it her home.  In this community Mary met her husband Russ, raised a family, and now owns and operates a small business, the Peppercorn Pantry.  The Meyers live on a farm outside of Aplington, where Russ operates the same farm that has been in his family for over a hundred years.  On the farm, Mary grows a wide selection of produce from vegetables to fruit and berries.  She enjoys freezing and canning this produce, as well as using as much as possible in her restaurant.  Russ and Mary continue to be active members of the community while also enjoying all things that come with Iowa farm life. 

Megan, Zachary, Russ, Mary, Scott, Julia, Henry and Caleb.  Christmas 2010